An app which reveals what goes on behind scenes of the clothing industry by scanning the barcodes of the garments. It will x-ray their policies regarding production, rate their transparency and measure their ethical standards.

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On April 24, 2013 Rana Plaza, a garment factory in Bangladesh, collapsed killing more than 1100 employees. Big companies like Walmart, Primark, and Joe Fresh had the production of their cheap clothing based in the Rana Plaza factory. Bangladesh is known for its poor working conditions and low wage workers earning between €0,14–€0,24 per hour. Advocates have been fighting to improve the working conditions in the Bangladeshi factories for years.


This app helps to educate buyers about the working conditions under which a garment was made. It aims to inform customers by analysing a piece of garment on three main subjects: where the garment was made, how long it took to make it, and what the maker earned for fabricating it. Understanding the origin of our consumer products can be a powerful tool in making ethical choices when it comes to production.

Concept Model



Scan the barcodes
of garments



Learn about the workers
behind the garments



Share your findings
with your community

Interaction Flow

This interaction flow diagram demonstrates an exemplary user journey of the onboarding process, the scan of a garment’s price tag, and the option to share it on social media.

Lo-Fi Prototypes

Walking through each interface helped create the layout and wireframe for the pages and,
while arranging elements, any wrinkles in the interaction became clear.
Once the the page layouts were decided, the Lo-Fi wireframe could be created. This wireframe showed that some screen layouts needed adaptation or that additional interactions were needed.


These interfaces show the interface of the home page, where previously scanned tags are saved, the scan of a garment’s price tag, and the information the user sees when a garment is scanned.

Hi-Fi Prototype

Click through this interactive prototype to see how certain parts of the app would work.